Malaga Airport Terminals

Málaga airport (AGP) has 3 terminals, known as Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. But currently, only Terminal 3 is fully operative, only flights arrive and depart from Terminal 3, which has three piers/concourses: B, C and D.


In addition to this terminals, at the airport there is also the General Aviation Terminal and the Cargo Terminal.


Terminal 1

Terminal 1 is not operative. It was used to manage non-Schengen flights (and Ceuta and Melilla) but in 2010 all the non-Schengen flights moved to Terminal 3. It is planned to do a refurbishment in the future.


Terminal 2

When the new Terminal 3 opened, Terminal 2 changed its functions. Most people consider that currently Terminal 2 and 3 are been fusioned. The arrivals waiting area was closed to make easier the transfers between terminals.


The terminal 2 building has 3 floors:

- Departures: Second Floor.

- Arrivals: Ground Floor.

- First Floor: lower level for Pier B.

- Basement: is used for the car rental agencies.


There is a parking garage next to the terminal. Terminal 2 has been refurbished with new facilities as a new set of escalators or renovated the old shopping area.

EasyJet, Ryanair and EasyJet Switzerland and flights check in at Terminal 2 .


Terminal 3

It is the newest Terminal at Malaga airport, it opened in March 2010. One of the goals to build the new terminal was to increase the number of tourists that every year visit the Costa del Sol area, in Spain. Currently the terminal can handle more over 30 million passengers annually.


The new terminal has check-in counters from 301 to 386, 20 gates (12 of them can handle air bridges), and 12 Baggage Claim areas.


Piers/Concourses at Terminal 3

- Pier/Concourse B: It is the closest one to Terminal 1. It has 13 gates and handles non-European non-Schengen flights. It has 7 fingers and 4 additional boarding gates for boarding on foot.

- Pier/Concourse C: it has 10 gates and operates with non-Schengen, so, it is necessary to cross the Passport Security Check-point. A part of this pier/concourse remains as a connecting corridor between the two terminals T2 and T3.

- Pier/Concourse D: it has 20 gates. It is used for Schengen flights.